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Life insurance? 
I've been putting off all of these things - but I know that I need to get them in place for the security of my children, and my own future. 
Savings wise - my biggest priority right now is paying off the small amount of debt that I have, and putting all I can aside for my mortgage deposit. 
But once the debt is cleared, I'd like to be putting that effort into saving for retirement/life in general. I don't know if I will ever be able to have a solid retirement, or if that is even something I would want, I'd rather just have months in the bank so that I don't have the pressure of having to work if I don't want to for a couple of months here and there. 
There are loads of different services out there for life insurance - those aimed at mums, those aimed at families. I'm going to take my time, use some of the comparison services and find a deal that matches my budget, and my lifestyle but still gives me the assurance I need that the …

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