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home made lava lamp science!

Monday morning.. we did science. 
Okay, I don't know much more these days than the different liquids have different chemical bonds so they don't mix.. 
I do know - this looks really cool and was so satisfying to watch, and it definitely captured my 6 year olds attention! 
You will need: A vase or large jar/glass container Water Vegetable oil Food colouring gel Bicarb / baking powder / alka seltzer tablets.
Fill your glass jar with water, and ask the kids to add some oil. 

Perfect time to discuss the layers and why the oil isn't mixing! 
Slowly, drop some food colouring on top, and watch it sink through the layer of oil..  and then.. 
There are various different method online, (I didn't have any alka seltzer tablets - this seems to produce the coolest result!) Add some baking powder or bicarb, to change the results even further!
All in all, this was a really easy, cheap fun to do experiment that really captured our imaginations - Older children could take it further by documenting the…

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