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Refesh A La Toilette.. AKA - Downstairs Loo Update!

My downstairs bathroom was looking a little tired.  It still had two white walls from when I moved in 3 years ago, and with little people around, white does not stay white.  I had some pictures on the sticky hanging strips (they weren't very good ones) that had fallen off and left marks behind.  After feeling a little out of sorts a couple of weeks ago, I decided to cheer myself up by giving this tiny, bu frequently visited room a little bit of a facelift.  Here is my before: And here is the after: I used white paint that I already had in the shed to go over the white walls Printed off some extra pictures to go on the wall (I already had photo paper and printer ink!) Ordered Better hanging strips - some of these:  3M Command Picture Hanging Strips – Removable Hanging Strips for Large Picture Frames – Value Pack - 4 Pairs (Medium), 8 Pairs (Large)   (I got the large ones just incase - probably a bit overkill!) Repainted the skirting bo

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