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Summertime.. and the living is.. easy?

Okay, so the title is nonsense. There is nothing easy about summertime with two children (and a dog now too? did I mention that before?) as a single, working mum.. 

But we're all on board, we are ready!!  I kid myself, haha!

 The childcare is booked. The new insulated lunch-bags (with pockets) have been purchased. New summer wardrobe courtesy of the verbaudet sale is on it's way to us. Thanks free delivery! 😁 (not affiliated.. OMG the 70% discounts are amazing though, wish I'd realised I could look on there for sale items before!!) My work schedule has been streamlined in order to make the most of various days off, a camping trip squidged in and potentially a three day CHILDFREE weekend! I kid you not, this is not a false alarm, the last time I had two child free days I wrote on here.. because I drove to Scotland and back.. in 2016!!! So, I am quite confident in saying, it's well deserved! 😂

Whatever you are getting upto this summer - don't beat yourself up. You…

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