20 with the world ahead, 21 with a baby and no bed..

I was about to leave for China - for two years. I was starting anew, again! But this time it was in order to be sensible.. I was going to teach english. I was going to travel, do exciting things, and then come back and be sensible and calm down. No more moving around, no more silly flings and stupid men. No more running around aimlessly like a headless chicken earning stupid money and then no money, spending like it was going out of fashion.

15 days before I was due to get on the plane. I realise I'm pregnant. Great news huh? I didn't know. The nurse who confirmed it shoved a map of the abortion clinic infront of me without even telling me that I was pregnant. Wonderful way to have that one explained to you. I sat in shock. I cried. Again. I left her office and wandered the streets for the rest of the day, panicking, rethinking, plotting, wondering. I made my choice.

I'd never look back. My little girl is everything to me, and has enrichened my life so much more than any trip could ever have managed to do so. I have more purpose and determination now, than I could have ever imagined myself having.

I meant to start writing whilst I was pregnant - but was too busy working and running about making the most of the time I had left before I became a mum. There was still an awful lot of thinking to be done!!

This - is my blog/journal/thoughtspace of life as it is now!
Hopefully I'll be able to share some of my tips, lessons, advice, funny anecdotes with the world..


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