Slummy Mummy..

A little bit of a rant here, I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on this. Maybe I'm being stuffy, or stuck up, I don't know. Could be some traditional values not allowing for open-mindedness on this occasion. But I think I'm not too far off the mark. We'll see.

Whilst out this weekend, and strolling around (and on previous occassions too!) I was amazed at how some mothers present themselves. Perhaps I have an image in my mind of what a 'mum' should look like, but one girl in particular made my skin crawl. Pushing a pram with a baby no older than a few months, was a young girl in a hot pink (think luminous) mini dress, boobs out, and I'm pretty sure she'd rolled the bottom hem of her dress up so that it was even shorter!! To me - this is the equivalent of hanging a sign round your neck saying 'this is why I ended up with a child'??!?!

Personally, I just couldn't go out like that, and feel proud of myself? Surely as a mum you are a figure of responsibility, someone for your child to look upto, and at midday in the middle of the highstreet pushing your child around.. that sort o outfit just ISN'T appropriate? I hold the same feeling towards wearing heels whilst walking along with a pushchair.. I'd feel a little silly?
On a night out, or out shopping without the pram, by all means - go fot it! Flaunt what you've got, get dressed up, get the slap on.. but is there any need to look like that when tending to the care of your child?! By all means I don't think we should be covering ourselves head to toe and going back to the 'modest' ways of years gone by, I just think there is a difference between being attractive, and looking like a tart?!

Whilst out yesterday, my friends toddler was with us, and we stopped in a 'family' pub (one of a popular chain) to get a drink, not driving as I was child free for the day, I had a gin and tonic.. We got chatting to the barmaid. She informed us that normally if in the company of a child ALL members of the party must consume soft drinks as a policy rule due to the number of clientele going in and getting absolutely plastered either with their children, or then announcing that they were off to do the school run. What has happened that the 'adults' have no common sense, or regard for the behaviour they display as an example to those who look up to them?

'Yummy Mummys' all over the world pull off being attractive, and still respectable, goodlooking, mothers - capable of tending to the needs and wants of their family - but teetering after a toddler in skyscraper heels can't be comfortable, or practical?


  1. lols thats me im 'slummy mummy' hahaha i get what your saying it bothers me to i look at people and think you really dress like that with a kid...jeez never thought wed be having mum rants at 20 lol xx


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