Basic Sponge/Fairy Cake Recipe

I realised whilst talking to a friend the other day who had no idea how to make a cake or what went into them; that not everyone has had the traditional 'women in the kitchen' sort of background amongst their family or upbringing as I have had, so will share recipes on here so that people can always bookmark/use as an online cookbook!

So! Basic Sponge Recipe (as taught to me by my nan!)

4oz Self Raising Flour
40z Butter/Marg (I use a spreadable marg, but softened butter is fine too)
40z Sugar
2 eggs

This basic mix will see you through, personally I like to add a couple of teaspoons of baking powder, and sometimes a little milk/more flour, depending on the sort of cake I am baking. Once this has been mastered and suited to your tastes, all sorts of flavour variations can be applied, for instance, lemon cake, coffee cake (a heaped table spoon is great), chocolate, dried fruit can be added. I'll be sure to share some more in future! Would love to know how you get on..


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