Lack of posts..

What with learning to sell stuff on eBay, taking a course from home, budgeting my finances with a monthly income normally meant for one person over 2 weeks, having a baby to contend with, a part time Dad throwing issues into the mix, trying to forge some kind of social life/love life.. OO errr Ooo err.... I really haven't paid this blog as much attention as I had hoped. But, in part of my re-organisation spree, perhaps it will get factored in a little more. I really would like to be able to splurge a little more of my head space forth into the interweb!

Anybody got any scheduling/routine tips?

I find myself running out of hours in the day recently, and still don't feel like I've got half of what I intended to done. :-/ I hate that. Especially in my flat, I look around and even though I've been tidying, it looks messier than when I started?!! How does that even work?

I do prioritise pretty well, and I know that housework is the only work people only notice when it's not done.. but still.. I can dream of a tidy flat I guess. :-)


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