Cake for Mummy..

Quick post tonight. Just wanted to share my cake idea from today!

Was ordered by my toddler to make cake, who then decided half way through me mixing up a sponge (by hand I might add! Brownie points for efffort I say!) That infact, she did NOT want cake. Who doesn't want cake? Not me!

SO! I decided to adapt and turn it into a coffee cake mix, by adding in 3tsps of instant coffee (in just enough water to get it dissolved) and a capful of vanilla extract. I added a touch more sugar to the mix before baking as it was a little too bitter for my liking.

I made it in a loaf tin, sliced it in half.. and here's the genius part. This cake is now ONLY for mummy!

I made Baileys Buttercream icing to sandwich my two halves together!

Delicious!!  Very pleased. I'm going to be one very cake-ful Mumma tonight! hehe!


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