Kids these days have Snow manners..

Oh! The awful pun in my title. Shockingly awful. I know.

But you love it.

I have a little gripe today, and it is with the lack of consideration displayed by todays children/older children or teenagers towards the snowmen built by younger ones, or even just for each other in the snow.

Living in the South East of England, I am currently surrounded by a good coating of snow, and so naturally, over th last few days, my neighbouring mums and I have been out and about letting the kids enjoy themselves in the snow. Building snow men in our back carpack tucked away out of sight (I unfortunately, live in a flat, but we have a nice little set up, with a car park and fenced off garden) - So that our creativity wasn't disturbing anyone, and hoping that it would last so that our kids could see it in the morning.

Not even an hour after going inside, some teenagers were spotted running over, and knocking the head off. The previous evening, one of the mums downstairs had built one infront of her own living room window so that her children could look at it, and it was attacked by a bunch of kids..

I just dont understand why they have such a need to destroy all the younger kids fun? Or am I just being a big spoilsport and grumbling over nothing. I'm sure most of us were just pleased to see what others had managed to build in the snow when I was just a wee kid?! Anyone else have any thoughts?


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