Oops, skipped a year!

2012.. Scrap That. 2013! Here we go!

Well, it seems that I managed to miss out on 2012 in the land of technology. Made me laugh when I look at my previous post about trying to manage my time better etc..
It was a busy old year though. I hope all of you out there in the land of the interweb managed to have a successful year though, in whatever it was that you were trying to do!

Across the course of the year, I redecorated my flat. (twice.. to cover up the pen marks my toddler left for me!) Started a little business, went through two cars (why do they have a tendency to blow up on me?) Continued a romance - more on that later I'm sure. I even joined a gym, something I never thought I'd do. Had my daughters 2nd birthday (they really DO grow up fast!) and spent another christmas at home with my funny little family.

I'm still being thrifty though, and planning to share more of it with the world, along with some kitsch finds, some fabulously retro bits and bobs, and the putting together of some cute little outfits. I'm also looking into making a success of being a single working mum. It's difficult. Noone can possibly prepare you for how difficult parenthood is; let alone trying to make money whilst fitting it into your daily life amongst the washing (piles of!) cleaning, tidying, and organising a rather crazy extended family.

Onwards and upwards though, here's hoping that this year is a good one.

Thrifty B x


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