Poletastic.. Totally Obsessed!

Oh my goodness!! Fitness obsession alert!

I had last year, been going to the gym around three times a week. And don't get me wrong, it was good, I felt healthier for it. But god is it BORING.

I can't stand the 'gym-bunnies' who go in with a full face of make up, stand in pairs on treadmills sauntering away not breaking a sweat, minimal effort, having a nice gossip as they do a half walk/pretend run; purely so that they can say that they've 'been to the gym' - I'm there to work. And work I did, sweat running down my face, cheeks red, aching, working til I feel the acid build up and I want to vomit, talk to nobody, just focus. Boring. Definitely not inspiring, aside from the changes you see in yourself.

BUT! Last Sunday, three friends and I went to a pole fitness class. Stigma aside, it was not lewd, or racy, cast aside any pre-judgements you may have made about pole-dancing.. these ladies require strength, determination and hard work. It was the best workout I have had in years. I cannot wait to go back again. We had a two hour session, and it was a brilliant grounding, and we achieved an awful lot as the four of us had a tutor to ourselves.
 I haven't felt like I have accomplished so much in such a long time. The teaching style was exactly what I need when training for anything, hard - pushing me to my limits; I've danced before so was picked up on my arm extensions, pointing of toes etc, and made to repeat moves, again, and again... and again! Superb! I could not reccommend it highly enough to anybody.

Now I am completely in awe, sitting up until the early hours reading up, and watching pole-art videos. I cannot wait to get a pole to practise with indoors, it's quite close to a form of gymnastics really and the dedication of some of the women (and men!) I've witnessed just sitting online, is incredible.

The other thing I'd like to note was how relaxed it makes you feel about your own person. I'm a mum of one, and my other friend also has a little boy and was feeling a little unsure about her body/appearance, but if our session was anything to go by it is a brilliant way to gain confidence in yourself, and feel comfortable in your own skin. Bonus! Self esteem boosting, strength building, fun - what more could you want from a form of exercise!

If anyone else out there has experience of this - I'd love to hear about it. Can't wait to update on my progress!

Til next time,
 Thrifty B x


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