Vintage Valentine.. Part One! (for the adults!)

Valentines is coming up faster and faster (and easter, don't forget easter - the bloody eggs are in the shops a week after christmas! haha!) And whilst I'm not really normally a fan of the overly commercial side of things, or feeling 'forced' into a day where you have to do all these things.. cards presents etc etc.. I do however like the notion of a day to make a little special effort to appreciate one another, or just to find a nice treat for your loved one/something to remind each other just how much you care.

With that in mind, I have scoured the internets for some special treats and found the most beautiful little treasures that my heart could possibly desire! Perhaps it will serve someone as inspiration!

I love a bit lingerie - don't care if it's a special occasion or not, to me there is nothing that can make you feel more feminine, or better about yourself, then a nice set of under garments! It doesn't have to break the bank either - so many of my friends always think they're going to have to break out the credit cards, or that they simply can't afford 'decent' lingerie! I have been looking for some favourite bits.. and I just cant decide.. but I did find Butterfly Corsets on Twitter - They have some really cute items and it's all nicely priced too - You won't end up breaking you bank!!

But - before we get ahead of ourselves.. racing into the bedroom!
I still think it's nice to spend time together, maybe cook a meal, watch a favourite film - a friend of mine took her boyfriend horseback riding last year..or at least, she tried to. It turned out her booking had been messed up and they actually ended up taking part in a group lesson with lots of children! Not quite the romantic gesture she had planned! (But very funny!)

Today however I have started working through some recipes - which I will share with you once I have narrowed them down.. but - I will say.. Red Velvet Cupcakes with creamcheese butter icing.. DELICIOUS! ;-) More to come soon!

Feeling the romance,
 Thrifty B  xx


  1. Perhaps you may get a secret valentine this year! Nice blog :)

  2. Thanks! And as for a secret valentine, well; who knows! I'm looking forward to valentines this year though! Are you doing anything?


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