Kitsch Finds!!

I'd like to start posting regularly about my little finds.. as I often end up buying a lot of random little bits that nobody else would enjoy, and tonight I have been pushed over the edge with excitement!!!

I love funky earrings and accessories - I think just a couple of little touches to an otherwise plain or simple outfit can really change the whole feel of it? I find it quite hard to find well made retro styled dresses that fit correctly/aren't too.. 'samey'?

These babies are on their way!
BUT! I stumbled upon a brilliant website tonight - and such an amazing idea! Kookee Boutique - These lovely ladies  make custom retro inspired and pin up dresses - it's a brilliantly easy to navigate site too, choose a style of dress, choose fabrics, iron out any details - Hey presto - lovely unique dresses! I cannot think of anything better!
I am ordering from them as soon as possible and cannot wait! Pictures will be uploaded once I have!

And! These little beauties have been staring at me all week - I have a cherry print wiggle dress that will go OH so well with them! Except for the fact that I have accidentally sent them to my Other Half's Dad as we'd ordered him something online previously.. so have just very sheepishly sent him an apology and had to admit that I am in fact, NOT sending him weird gifts! Ha ha! More on my finds to come soon!

Would love to know about any kitsch finds you might have found out there big wide world?! Please let me know!

Love, Thrifty B x


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