Little Sweethearts - Valentines for kids?

Do you do valentines for your children?

I'm really not sure if I should start encouraging it, I feel like if I make it into a nice day, and something to have fun with, it sets a good tone for being comfortable with it, and it will mean that my little girl has confidence in herself wether she is with or without a 'valentine' when older, or am I just setting her up for a fall? I think if I'm going to do it for her, it should just be about showing the people you love that you love them, the romance stuff can come when she is older. I know my dad used to send me a card when I was a kid. Do you give your kids valentines treats?

I was thinking I'd fill some jars with love hearts, make some strings of hearts like these ones I found on Pinterest..
 I think they're super cute! And my daughter would love to see the living room all decorated!

I also printed out some colouring pages - one with a bear holding a heart, some favourite cartoon characters etc and we have had a pre-valentines colouring session! It was brilliant, I think I might have enjoyed a tad more then she did! Haha!

So, I'm all set. A couple of packs of love hearts, hearts to cut out, and cutesy pictures coloured in. I am going to make it a day of hot-chocolates with marshmallows, treats, pyjamas, nail varnish and watching dvds with my princess! How will you celebrate with your children? |

Tada for now, Thrifty B x


  1. I think that's lovely. I always do something for the kids. Normally choc on pillow BUT I've been told not to by the 13 year old girl this year. So she won't appreciate the crochet hearts I'm making her !

    1. Awww! Crochet hearts would be fabulous! Why wont she like them? And who on earth doesnt like chocolate?! xx


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