Thrifty-quick Pennies!

I am having an AWFUL week with money.. it comes in the most expensive month of my year.
Winter heating bills come in, car insurance etc etc.. and to top it off I went WAY WAY WAY out of this stratosphere with my last two phone bills. OOPS. Please hang my shameful head here! haha!

But! I thought I would get my butt in gear and take control of the situation - I am often selling little bits, but this week I have gone thrifty mad and money making obsessed!

My top tips for making a little out of what you already have within the space of a week are:
  • Take a look around, if you're not using it, or it's not needed anymore but in good condition - eBay it! (or other auction sites, netmums, mumsnet, gumtree etc) Put it up for sale! You may not need it any longer, but it may well do somebody else a good turn! In the same light, if you need something, try picking it up cheaper second hand rather then forking out for it brand new, people often buy things and find they don't use them!
  • Recycle old clothes/shoes - There are so many options now where you can recycle clothes (things that might not be sell-able, or maybe you are just feeling too lazy to eBay them all!) Some companies will even come and collect bags from your front door! It's not as much as you might get per item as it's done by the weight - but still better then putting things in the bin!
  • Do up bits of furniture rather then chucking them or buying new ones - I do bits up to sell, I must be nuts as I find it really relaxing! Will post pics of some of the pieces I've done. (Which include a shabby chic mirror with very tiny writing in the middle of the glass saying 'oh bollocks' upon my fathers request!)
  • Trade babysitting - if you can swap a nights babysitting with a friend, or share a babysitter and let the kids sleepover - you've all saved some money!

Onwards and upwards - Climbing my way out of the stress cloud my head is currently stuck in! Will post again soon, have been looking at some of my pin-up favourites this week.. and the make-up they wore.. OOOO! ;-)

Catchya later,
Thrifty B xx


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