DIY review..

Well, I last posted about wanting to get some DIY done.. I did have a very very very productive weekend.

But, not all of the things on my list got done!

I had a big spring clean - emptied all of my hall cupboards and reorganised - this involved getting rid of 3/4 sacks of rubbish/old stuff!  It feels so good to get rid of old things doesn't it? Like a weight off your shoulders! Anything worth keeping that I just don't need anymore is being given to other mums, or put onto e-bay.

I DID get my pole put up! - For those of you that missed my pole-fitness post - I started pole classes earlier in the year, and find it's a better workout then the gym! A tiny bit obsessed with it now, to the point that I want to change my workouts in the gym, to make me better at pole! The delayed onset muscle soreness I get from pole compared to the work in the gym is crazy! And I work HARD in the gym (when I go! not been for a while due to tissue damage in my knee I had to rest it!) But I'm a believer that if you still look pretty after a workout; you haven't worked hard enough! ;-) So I'm sure you'll hear lots about that. Am going to start another blog to diary my practice progress.

I'm not giving up on my DIY list though.. the chairs will get done, the table got a good sanding down this weekend, and will get finsihed next weekend. Am trying to find something to go up on my living room walls as they are very big - and look a little silly with small pictures on. Mirrors aren't my thing though. Does anyone have any suggestions??


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