This is everything I need in a jacket!

This jacket pretty much sums up everything I need from a coat. Big brass looking buttons. It's nipped in nicely at the waist, AND!!! ..It's got leopard print. It looks warm, it's smart, but not sooo smart that I couldn't chuck it on over my jeans with a pair of pumps. My OH would hate it - he always tells me that leopard print is for old ladies. Which is a real shame considering I have leopard print peeptoes, trainers, lingerie, a dressing gown (that HE bought me!) and the list goes on.. I would have leopard print everywhere if I could probably! But I have been pretty good with it recently.. and calmed it down a little. Mainly to stop annoying him.. but it might be back! Leopard print obsessive meetings anyone?!

Note: This jacket was on Dolly Daggers - They're a funky little company based in brighton, I really like some of their stuff, but not all of their shoes.. Not much variation going on there, but otherwise.. a really cute UK based online shop - will be adding them to my list! You can find this exact jacket at that link should you have the spare cash for one! I'd like one too... ;-)

Love, Thrifty B x x


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