Sick bugs, the flu and more..

Oh dear oh dear oh dear..  I really have to get a grip on this. I haven't posted properly due to my daughter being ill, and then ill again - quite badly, and then on top of that I managed to get myself a good old dose of the flu! It's been dreadful, my kitchen looked like a world war zone, the living room was some kind of hectic tissue filled, toy cluttered nightmare and my little princess and I have never spent so much time in pyjamas and under duvets before!

In the midst of all of this I have started to upcycle/give a new lease of life to a fabulous pair of very nearly antique chairs my grandparents gave me a couple of years ago - and I am SO pleased with the finished product it is unbelievable. So tomorrow - whilst I am little miss free - I WILL put a little post up with some pictures of the progress so far! If you like pop art - think Roy Lichtenstein - you will hopefully love these chairs just as much as I do!!

Hope all is well in your thrifty worlds, keep it frugal...

   Thrifty B x x x


  1. Get well soon! I've been fighting a cold for two weeks, no fun at all. I'm sure the chairs will be fantastic!

  2. I will post a picture later and you can decide for yourself! hehe!

    Get some extra vitamin C and some chicken soup.. it's been working wonders for me! I am finally feeling a little better.. Hope yours passes soon too! xx


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