Red red red!

Been a bit slow with posting lately, need to get a grip on things.

Have been doing some organising of late - and hopefully once my home is a little tidier, a little calmer, my head will be too and I can get back into a routine.  Going red with my hair this week - will post a pic - and show some goodies that I treated myself too at the MCM comic Expo at the Excel. I was working there on behalf of a friends firm that I help out with from time to time. Great fun.

For anyone that hasn't been to a comic convention - comic fan or not, I am bestowing upon you; an order. GO!!  So much fun, so many interesting things to see. Cool costumes (the effort level is second to none) Cute gifts and funky stalls, and normally some fifties bits too (I got two dresses from a brilliant stall that also do loads of corsets.. dribble dribble!)

Need to crack on, but trying to catch up with a little of everything today, this hour was emails/paperwork and communication with the outside world.. off to continue re-organising my bedroom wardrobes - they will be efficient uses of space.. they will!

Ta da for now world..
    Thrifty B x


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