Lack of posts.. lack of creativity - lots to do, must catch up!

I have been ever so lazy with my blog.. even after repeated attempts to focus myself, but this year has literally been ridiculously cCRAAAAAAaaaaAAaaazzzZZZzzyyyYYY!!

Hopefully my lack of posts will reward you all with some superb little projects over the summer and autumn. I have been hunting and hunting for things to do my bedroom up, and maybe even to jazz up my rather frankly BORING bathroom. I rent my flat, so there isn't much drastic I can do to change the general makeup/layout of things.. but I can add accessories etc.. so hopefully I can make it look a little more interesting - it has white tiles with the most awful blue border.. and this horrid plastic casing covering the pipes that run behind the sink/toilet.  :(   Really want to beach it up? If that means anything to you out there in the big wide world..

My pinterest account does have some boards with ideas/inspiration - please feel free to check them out @ Pinterest And let me know what you think/like?

Off to browse the pinterest world now.. Have a good evening - if anyone has any good storage ideas that I can put on the walls - that would be fabulous!

Thrifty B x


  1. You can get suction cup style hooks for ceramics. Find something beachy to hang from them and put all your clutter up and out of the way :-) It lets you use an otherwise useless wall.

    1. Possibly - though if they're the same ones that were around years ago - they weren't all that good for actually hanging anything particularly 'weighty' from? Might not be a bad idea though.. will look into it! Going to go on the hunt this weekend. seen a cute little bouyancy aid in blue and white in little 2nd hand furniture shop I want for the wall!

      Thanks! ;) Bx


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