Only Child - Expiring March 2014

As per usual - (it certainly seems to be a theme with my blog!) It's been a long time since I've posted.

Life has got a little hectic, so this post is pretty honest.
I'm expecting number two - so my little girl will be a big sister next year. To be blunt, my OH of two years turned out to be more then a snake in the grass - and that's putting it more than politely!!

 So I'm back to my more than thrifty ways as a single mother once again and will try and blog about the bits I find and create to make life interesting for the 'sprout' - Though I do know what I'm having this time around. I didn't find out with my LG (it's shorter then typing little girl each time! so here on in, that's what you'll get!) I wanted the suprise!

I'd love to hear about any other thrifty mums and the way you've up-cycled/renewed/reused things when bringing a new baby into the home.

So far I've started revamping my wardrobe - I have a built in wardrobe aswell as a free standing one, so having de-cluttered I've managed to empty the free standing one, given it a lick of paint and am installing a second rail in order to hang lots of lovely little clothes! It has a shelf at the top for storage and figured I could add hooks to the insides of the doors too, and maybe use some drawer string bags or multipocket storage on them?!

I picked up a £60 cot from Ikea - one of my few actual purchases from new! And am picking up some extra flatsheets from a lovely freecycler on tuesday! (if you've never used freecycle - I highly recommend it! I will do a seperate post about free cycle this week)

That's all for now I guess. But will be back with some more, a little more often.. Sorry it's been so long!

Thrifty B x 


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