Moping about Mother's Day..

It's mother's day this weekend. As if the shops would let us forget that. It's a bit of a sore point for me though. It brings up the subject of mother's (I know right?! How ironic?! A day.. For mother's. Would be related.. To.. Mother's!!) I don't have best relationship with mine. She's been an alcoholic for years and caused a lot of problems. She's also pretty ill right now and so I am having to deal with that.

But. What do you do with a day that's meant to celebrate this figure in your life when yours isn't any of those wonderful things the cards suggest.. 'Best mum in the world' 'top mum' etc.. It makes me feel rather nauseated if I'm completely honest.

I'm also not going to have my LG with me on mother's day itself this year, she's going to go on a day trip to visit her nan with her Dad. So I'm going to celebrate a day early.

I decided this morning; as it's not like my wee man and LG are going to take me out for lunch (one day!! I can dream right?!) That I'm going to spend the day with them doing things that I enjoy most about being a Mum. So we're going to don our wellies and go puddle jumping in the woods. And then head down to the seafront and get hot donuts. Followed by a duvet afternoon with a Disney film on the sofa with hot chocolates and sweets. And a big massive bath for the kids with too many bubbles.

I also normally make a point of taking my dad a card, and thanking him for being the best mum that he could to me. Even as a rather traditionalist old fashioned man's man, he's been an absolute hero over the years. I'm so grateful for that. I know that the awkward emotional stuff doesn't always come easy. But I always get the gods honest truth from him. Not always easy but miles better than sugar coated crap!

Once all that's done.. I'm going out to a cockney singalong and forties dance with some friends and some of the crew from my lindy dance classes.. What better way to celebrate myself than by doing the things I love for a whole day!? And I think that's going to be my thing for mother's day from now on. Spend the day with my kids smiling, and do the things that make me happy.

I wonder if anyone else has weird traditions for mother's day?


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