Boring post alert...

So, I bought a new oven last week, I was so excited! I've not had a working grill in FIVE years. FIVE years!!!

It didn't work. The gas engineer on wednesday informed me that the auto shut-off safety feature didnt work and so I could not use it until repaired. I ring the manufacturer, the earliest an engineer could get out to me would be thursday - tomorrow. It was approaching the easter bank holiday and the start of half term - with two children, and a boyfriend who can eat food like a vacuum.. (haha! <3)

I did the only thing possible.. In very british fashion; I rang the store and complained.
I got my new oven delivered yesterday. :-) And my installation fee is getting refunded! One happy lady.

Whilst being ovenless though, we've eaten pretty well all considered.
Some of our meals over the last week:

  • Reheated pastabake (thank god I save leftovers!)
  • Salad, cheese ploughmans with onion chutney.
  • Carrotsticks, celery sticks, breadsticks, dips.
  • Ready cooked sausage rolls and sausages.
  • Slowcooker casserole! (love my slow cooker)
  • A couple of cheap microwave meals (not great but nice to have something warm!)
It has taught me that I need to keep more cupboard foods that can be heated in the microwave! And how much I take having an oven for granted.. never again!


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