1940s Jeans...

Really quick post tonight.. will follow up tomorrow.

Got stopped today whilst out and asked about a pair of my favourite jeans. They are SOOO comfortable. Couldn't think for the life of me who they were made by and was in a rush/couldn't find a label to tell the lovely lass and her friend.

If you do happen to find me on here! Whoever you were..

They are by Freddies of Pinewood!! How on earth I forgot that I will never know as I longed for a pair for ages! Amazing jeans, so well made. I've got their 1940s cut work jean. Second hand.. but one day I will treat myself.. rather non thriftily.. to a lovely new pair. :-) But they last so well it works out ever so well on a cost-per-wear basis. ;-)

I will post tomorrow with some rather shocking pictures my very helpful LG took for me when we got in.

Tara for now.. x


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