Bank Holiday Adventuring!

So..I'm heading off in T-minus 3 hours. The children have been logistically accounted for.. because - for the SECOND! YES! Second!!! Time this year. I am having a child free two days. Well. Almost two days.

This is the second time in three years that this is happening. It feels like I'm off to conquer the world. When in fact, I'm about to drive the 9 odd hours to get to the Highlands of Scotland. The hometown of the OH - The bearded one. But it will be a good escape. Some adult time. Swears can be made freely and without hushed voices. Music in the car can be over the safe volume of 10 (11 on a particularly quiet radio station). I'm looking forward to it. Expect many pictures of hillsides..

We didn't realise when we planned our little trip that it was infact, not only the beginning weekend of half term, but also the may Bank holiday weekend. A little absent minded but thankfully we are staying at a friend of the bearded one's now so a little less painful on the pocket!

We are planning to try out some Geocaching for the first time - hopefully will post more about that next week as a plan to do some with the kids too. Should be interesting. If you don't know much about it, there are little 'caches' hidden all over the country to find; or you can hide your own for others to find - have a look at the geocaching website - It's very helpful.You can get an app, and off you go to hunt for treasures! And it's free! What more could you want. But more on that another time...

So - I bid you internets farewell, and a great bank holiday weekend, whatever you might be upto, with or without children! Speak soon.. TBx


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