My Freddies of Pinewood 40s Jeans

I totally forgot to post pictures of these Jeans after saying I would. So after finishing an hours worth of studying (with a toddler trying to get involved and poke at my keyboard) I've popped on to finally upload them.

I cannot reccomend these jeans highly enough. I want a second pair myself as they are made so well but I cant decide which pattern just yet. I'm also trying not to take in too many items to my wardrobe as I'd like to slim it down to just the bare essentials, I lusted after these for ages and they are SO comfortable. I'll pop a link to their store in at the bottom too so that you can find them for yourselves. (If anyone does get some, I'd love to know what you thought or see some pictures)

You can pick them up second hand in great condition too as they wear very well and people tend to look after them which for me is great as I don't often treat myself to new things.

A quick link to Freddie's Of Pinewood, even testing the link out has got me looking at tshirts.. I think a treat might be in order soon.. After all.. I've been studying really hard. Hmm.. 'll find an excuse at some point soon I'm sure. ;-)

My five year old snapped away for me.. She's not always a little devil! ☺☺


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