The Secret World Within My Sofa

So. Earlier this week I took my sofa apart to begin hoovering underneath the cushions, down the sides.. You know the drill.
I should note that this isn't a yearly ritual, or something that I haven't done before (I'm diagnosed obsessive compulsive tendencies) It happens on a bi-weekly basis.

But this time. Not just the odd coin. Maybe a piece of cereal. Oh no.

I had to take a photo. How on earth all of this managed to amass in such a short space of time is beyond me. So I've taken some photos, and compiled a list for you. It got me wondering what the strangest items people have found under their sofas might be.

Bizarre Belongings Stashed In My Sofa:

  1.  One Black Plastic Comb
  2. One Blue Plastic Comb
  3. One Lone Bobby Pin (Or Kirby grip, call it as you will).
  4. A Snapped Off Piece of Dried Pasta
  5. A broken Nut
  6. One Loom Band
  7. A Magnetised Toy Train
  8. A Bead Necklace 
  9. One Wooden Stacking Ring
  10. One Luminous Green Elastic Hair Band
  11. One Guitar Tuner/Metronome (I'd been looking for this!)
  12. One Chocolate Cereal Ball (don't shoot me, my kids just had half term and chose their own!)
  13. A Ten Pence Piece
  14. One Mint Coloured Hairband.
  15. One Corner of a milkyway wrapper. (Other Chocolate bars are available)
  16. One Lollystick
  17. A Single Cheerio
  18. Some Confetti
  19. A Green Wooden Lollystick from a craft set.
  20. A Fossil (I should note that it did go in that way, My family haven't managed to fossilize a shell in the fortnight it'd been trapped under our bums!)
  21. A Childrens Keyring
  22. One Blue bead in a tiny plastic bag.
  23. Various Crumbs
  24. A Raisin. 
  25. Lastly, a beanbag Lizard.
I'm not sure if that can be beaten. If it can. I want to know. No. I need to know. If only to make myself feel better. 


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