Summer's Over and School is Closing In!

Once again ladies and gents, I have had an unexpected hiatus after promising myself I would stick to blogging more regularly. I can see a theme. Perhaps that's just the way I blog.

But it's been one hell of a crazy summer, car crashes, hospital visits, first airplane trips for my two, holidays and now preparing to get back to school.

School for the kids, and for Mummy too! AGH. I have been studying from home... for what seems like an eternity now. But I have just extended my tutor support, and edited the rather ridiculous 'Study Time Planner' that one of the (cough*male*cough) Tutors had kindly emailed me. Needless to say, the planner is aimed at someone fitting their studies around a working lifestyle. NOT a single parent. With such lovely blocks of time mapped out for 'going out and socialising' on a friday night - all the way through to weekend mornings labelled 'sleepy time snoozing' HAHA!! I kid you not. I scoff, but my boy gets up before 6am no matter what. So a Sunday morning sleepytime is as close to a joke as possible for me.

Anyway! I have edited it. I have promised myself that it will get done this time. No matter what. Even if I have to bribe the kids with some late nights and sweets in order to get the peaceful time required to sit and actually study.

Would love to know how others get this done..


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