It's another one of these posts. Where I exclaim about how I haven't written on this blog for another two years.

But actually, this time, I'd clean forgotten all about it. That is, until I got an email come through to inform me I've been auto-renewing my domain name on a 2 yearly basis. Oops. (Clearly haven't conquered that part of adulting just yet!)

So, here is my final attempt at hogging a little bit of internet space. I will have to delete some of my previous posts, for professional reasons. Any of you who know me in real life - Hi! (Please don't mention how cringe I probably sound writing this when we go for drinks) And for anyone joining my little writing space at this point in my journey; I hope I can provide some kind of relief. Whether that be relief that you aren't anywhere near as daft as I can be at points, relief in a humorous form, or even manage to save you some pennies. One way or another, it's nice to know there's someone else out there I guess.

Life has changed alot since I started rambling away on my little spot on here. I'm hopeful that this time around, I can come at this with a hint of professionalism, a big dose of not giving too much of a toss what anyone thinks of me, and a LARGE dollop of being totally human.

So this year - my goals are : To save money, to be kinder to the planet, to be a better parent, and to KICK arse academically and professionally. If any of that resonates with you... stick around.

Much love,
TB x


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