Summertime.. and the living is.. easy?

Okay, so the title is nonsense. There is nothing easy about summertime with two children (and a dog now too? did I mention that before?) as a single, working mum.. 

But we're all on board, we are ready!!  I kid myself, haha!

 The childcare is booked. The new insulated lunch-bags (with pockets) have been purchased. New summer wardrobe courtesy of the verbaudet sale is on it's way to us. Thanks free delivery! 😁 (not affiliated.. OMG the 70% discounts are amazing though, wish I'd realised I could look on there for sale items before!!) My work schedule has been streamlined in order to make the most of various days off, a camping trip squidged in and potentially a three day CHILDFREE weekend! I kid you not, this is not a false alarm, the last time I had two child free days I wrote on here.. because I drove to Scotland and back.. in 2016!!! So, I am quite confident in saying, it's well deserved! 😂

Whatever you are getting upto this summer - don't beat yourself up. You can still save, still have fun on a budget, don't worry about the pressure of having something super organised every day - Kids are happy running through puddles in the garden being squirted with an empty bottle, going to the local park, borrow a neighbours dog and take it for a walk if you don't have the space for a dog - borrow my dog! Give them the opportunity to use their own imaginations.. Have picnic dinners on the living room floor, embrace the chaos, smile in the madness and drink gin when they have finally gone to bed;hours later than normal - they are only EVER going to be this small once.

I say all this because next year.. they may not want to do the same things, play the games you put off til the weather was better, so don't put it off, don't tell yourself that you'll do it tomorrow.. the washing isn't going anywhere and the cleaning can wait until later. Heck - treat yourself and pay someone else to do it and spend the day at the beach with the kids. It will be THE best money you have EVER spent.(I still consider it a thrifty option if you are doing something else free for the day! 😉 and you deserve that too. Because you are building little people.. who will one day big people, and you wont remember why you didn't spend more time just enjoying them, holding them close and letting them get to know you as a person too.

Have an amazing summer - whatever that looks like to you.


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