Back To School On a Shoestring Budget?

As that time of year draws in, the summer holidays are nearly over, I'm feeling guilty as F*** for not doing nearly enough with my two, but reminding myself that I had time off work because I needed a break, and that if I wasn't here, they'd only have been stuck in daycare anyway. Mum-guilt is never-ending!

Whilst on my coaching site I may have planners up in order to be organised and ready - I still know the feeling of the pinch on my purse of trying to get all the uniform sorted on a budget and thought I'd throw something up here for anyone looking for ideas.

- Ask on parent forums for your school/local area if anyone has any 'nearly new' uniform they are looking to sell/swap or give away. You never know.

-Make the most of the 'school week' sales in local supermarkets - and buy in duplicates, it saves money and time.

- If you've got stuff left over from last year - try it on, or pass it down to younger siblings. This one might seem a little common sense, but I've gone to throw things away that actually could probably have lasted another term or two. You never know!

- If you don't HAVE to have logo'd jumpers, then just buy one (it's nice to have one for photo days, official stuff etc) and use plain supermarket/uniform shop replicas the rest of the time.

- If there isn't any second hand uniform going around, organise one within the school term to raise funds for something at school, it's a win/win; you get to start a flow of uniform, and the school gets some funds for new equipment!

Anyhow, I hope that is of some use to someone out there - don't stress, they're going to spill baked bean juice down it soon.

Get some wine. and a very strong coffee.

TB x


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