My Top 3 Self Care Secrets...

My Top 3 Self Care Secrets

Okay - So they might not be totally secret, but I love making a bit of time for myself when I'm feeling a little frazzled and treating myself. 3 of my favourite things to do are as follows:

    1. Home Spa for the evening:
      -Have a long soak in the bath, exfoliate, moisturise - well! Except for your feet.
      -I bought a cheap footspa, it comes out on these occasions, using my favourite oils or salts, soak feet with extra bubbles, maybe a glass of something nice, or chuck a sachet of facemask on whilst doing the foot spa. Use a good foot scrub and remove all dead skin, rinse, and then paint toenails and toes, preferably with THE cheesiest film you can find, get a really early night and wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to tackle the world again. 
    2. Sitting in silence:
      -Okay, I can appreciate this isn't for everyone, but when people normally say that they are 'doing nothing' what they actually mean is they aren't doing much; I mean it when I say I am doing nothing! Just spending a small amount of time, sitting collecting my thoughts, breathing, relaxing, not b


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