Total Toddler Tidiness!

I drafted this along time ago.. and never posted it. I now have a 5 and 8 year old. No toddlers in sight!! But, I also wasn't posting all that often. and think it's still pretty relevant for anyone that might do.

Trying to keep a home tidy with a toddler around can be HARD work. I salute you ladies with the super tidy spaces! I struggle, I have a brain that never quite switches off and wants to do everything at once, so am always somewhere inbetween organised chaos, and OCD clean. 😂

Anyway, I hope it helps someone... here it is:

Well, it's a bit of an odd post, but I am always looking for new ways to try and keep on top of things, as I tend to find that with a toddler round your ankles, even the best of intentions to finish the most simple of housework tasks often get interrupted! So looking for shortcuts/hacks/tips to keep my home tidy has lead me to compile this post about different techniques you can put into place if; like me you find yourself going a little bit crazy indoors at times!

  • Keep a schedule - Monday - bedsheets, towels etc all washing, Tuesday - Hoovering and dusting, clean windows. (And now my personal favourite!) Wednesday Washday! Haha, I use wednesday as a day to catch up on all the washing and ironing etc, as it is mid week, it's quite a good time, you can do a mini wash on other days for random pieces, but it allows you to do a bulk wash. Thursday - Food shops/out of house errands in preparation for the , more hoovering/floors swept Friday - Tidy and clean bedrooms and bathrooms, clean appliances that need it/other odds and ends.   Weekend - Bigger Jobs like DIY, and keep up the cleaning of the home, most of all, try and relax!
  • Download housekeeping chore lists - these are a good way of focusing your mind. Some examples can be found here :
  • Keep a couple of baskets dotted around the home - I have one for paperwork that needs to be filed/sorted and another in my kitchen for general toot that needs to go back in it's place. These are useful if you want to have a quick sweep of a room before people come round and you can just take them with you while you put the toys/books etc back where they belong.
  • Invest in a large shoe box/shoe rack - leave this by your front door and take shoes off the minute you get in, have a wet mat for messy boots etc and change into house shoes or slippers etc - this stops the spread of dirt, and it REALLY makes a difference when you go to hoover/sweep up!
  • Plan your meals in advance - not only does this save you time, you waste less, and save money!


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