Living room nightmares..

So, I did plan on redecorating the living room this year. 

But a leak in the ceiling means a large hole was made by the plumber and has had to be patched up. 

So I'm now looking to do it sooner than I had thought. 

Obviously - my overall goal for the year is to save, so I don't want to be spending loads on it. 

I'm going to be checking on ebay, shpock, local gumtree listings, bootsales to try and source some new storage for all the kids craft supplies, maybe find a new dining table and chairs. 

My living room also has a corner with my home office, and two sofas currently, it's not the biggest space. But it has to perform alot of functioms, somewhere for us to relax, play games, eat, do homework, I might move my office space into my bedroom as I have a phone line up there and only work during the day, it would create more space for us as a family and a better homework area for the kids as they are getting older. 

If you follow me on pinterest, you'll probably find me pinning lots of living room ideas over the coming weeks! 


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