Money on my mind..

They say that what you think about - you are more likely to create.

Hence the law of attraction.

Since setting it out in my mind that my goal this year is to save, I've actively been thinking about more ways in which I can increase my income and decrease my outgoings - obviously, if there is less money going OUT of my house, there should; hopefully, be some more surplus to SAVE.

I already use a couple of apps on my phone that pay me some tiny dividends for doing things like answering questions, or playing particular games for a small amount of time.

I'm going to spend some time researching others like these - I wouldn't recommend anyone try and earn a living with them, but they're nice time fillers when waiting for the kids to come out of school/for appointments etc. When you are sat otherwise doing nothing, I figure that I may as well do something productive with that time if I'm not reading/studying etc.

I'm going to sign up for a bootsale, and probably look closely to think about if I have any other skill sets I could leverage this year, or improve upon.

What else could I do to raise money in a small amount of time?

I have a little debt to pay off, nothing major, but also need to increase my own income, ideally to the point where all of my bills are paid off easily each month and there is no more worrying about where these things are coming from.

It's difficult when maintaining working around the children. Sure, I could take a better paid job, but it would mean longer hours, and then using expensive childcare and having to earn EVEN more.

Such a catch 22. 😖😖😖


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