New Year.. New Goals..

A little late out of the gate with a post about resolutions if you will. 

But I need to start using this blog more and more now. 

I've found myself aged 30, with two kids, renting. Working a part time consultant role which although fabulously flexible and allows me to work around the kids.. still isn't pulling in anywhere near as much as I'd like financially. 

How will I ever get on the property ladder? How will I afford a half decent holiday for my two small people like I would have had by my daughter's age? These are the things that consume me now. 

I am aiming to go full thrift for a while. Budget planners. Saving like a lunatic. Selling what I can. Learning new skills that I can earn from. Developing the skillset I already possess. 

Sharing more with the online world in an attempt to maybe inspire others to be able to do the same. Maybe someone else out there just needs to know they aren't alone as a single parent trying to save enough to be a first time home buyer in their 30s, 40s.. whatever! 

Things are so much harder once kids are on the scene, childcare is expensive, we already have financial obligations, it's not as easy as working extra hours or second jobs to save more. Life has to go on, kids have birthdays and ever growing feet to buy shoes for etc. 

But - here's to a year of earning better, saving more, continually striving to improve things! 


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