4 Simple Steps To Savings!

So - You've decided you have had enough of having no money? 

Fed up of nervously checking the bank balance before each and every spend?
Maybe you'd like to feel safer if one of the house appliances broke, and be able to replace it..

If you're in your 30s like me and still feel like buying a house is a strange dream away..

It's time to get clear.

First things first - get a good picture of where you stand - how many bills do you pay?

ALL the bills.

Don't ignore the tv subscriptions, the music streaming.. you know the ones I mean.

Make a list of them ALL.

And then do the same of any streams of income you have, wages, savings, support payments. ANYTHING.

What's the difference.

How much of that do you spend on things that fluctuate? Like petrol, food (ONLY including the necessities here - NOT the luxuries)

It can be really difficult to define what you spend on things that maybe you consider a NEED.. but is actually a WANT. (My boyfriend has some disagreements with me on this department haha!)

Categorise it all. and remove the things you dont NEED.

Allow yourself a budget for food shopping, and move any extra money IMMEDIATELY to savings, start a seperate account for the food shopping if you can, and allocate a small budget for the wants too - otherwise, you will make yourself miserable.

So - To Recap 

  1. How much Going OUT? (Like HONESTLY)
  2. How much is Coming IN? 
  3. Seperate, and Remove the Savings. 
  4. Rinse, Repeat, and Reduce the Out, Increase the In. 

4, Simple, Steps. Just be extremely honest with yourself, and keep going. 

Let me know if you've got anything else you'd add to this. 

I've been going for 4 months now, and even amongst this Corona nonsense - I'm still.. just managing to save. 

You can save money too - just a little bit of planning, and some action - you can start taking steps towards a better future.

To download the free printable I made just click here: 4 Simple Steps to Saving


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