Round up of 5 Cheap Gins to Keep you Sane in Lockdown..

I love a cheeky gin.

Gin & Tonic.. Gin & Lemonade.. Gin with raspberries floating around.. I'm not too fussy!

So if you like a nice cold drink in the evening.. here are 5 of lockdown supermarket finds - on an average budget - every bottle is under £20! I've added links where I can - incase you want to try yourself.

Aldi Botanical - A really nice scottish batch gin - I've currently got a bottle of thi that I am working my through - I like it with a squeeze of lime juice. On sale now for £19.99

Asda Lemon Sherbet - This sparkly lemon sweet inspired gin was bought for me as a Christmas present from my brother and sister in law - it's so pretty to watch swirling round a glass.. might leave you slightly mesmerized after a couple of glasses though.. Currently at £18.99

Lidl - Hortus Artisan Dry London Gin - This Gin is actually award winning - and I really LOVE it. Brilliant, they have a range of flavoured gins aswell - definitely one for the drinks cupboard! Comes in at a reasonable £15.99 at time of publishing. 

Tesco - The Melodist London Dry Gin - This is one from the Tesco Finest range, and it's on my list to try, they also do a Sloe gin, but I'll be honest, I'm not normally a fan of Sloe Gin - unless some has one they can recommend! It's the priciest one on my list so far coming in at £20 for a bottle. But the reviews I've read seem promising. Let me know if you've tried it.

Morrisons - Morrisons Passionfruit Gin Liquer - From a range of fruity flavours - I had to pick this one, as the last passion fruit gin I had was lush. If you like something with a little bit of zest - it's definitely a winner. And, it's good on the purse strings too as this lovely little bottle is currently only £12.

So - are you a gin fan? If not, what is your go to tipple?

Have you got any weird combinations I should know about?

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Save Money.


  1. Gin for me all the way! I'd love to try the Morrisons passion fruit you mentioned!

    1. Stick it on the wishlist.. for Christmas? ;)


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