How to Stop Comparing Yourself To Everyone Else

Do you feel the pressure of "everyone else"?

Social media images showing show perfect homes?

You don't have to give in to the nagging voices in your head saying you aren't good enough.

The imaginary story you tell yourself about how everyone else is doing better than you are. They've got new shoes, always going out to nice restaurants.. They've already bought a house. How will you ever get a deposit together with all the bills you have to pay?

Everyone Is further ahead than you are. How are you ever going to save for a new car?

This can be an absolute killer. It can weigh you down into feeling you aren't doing enough. You must be doing something wrong if 'everyone else is managing to do these things'.

Maybe you are. I don't know.

It's unlikely that you are an awful human being. It's hardly probable that you have just thrown money away, or that other people have some magical way of being more successful that you.

Truth from my own personal view is - everyone is on a different journey. You can't compare. You cant say that someone else is doing better than you because you all had different starting points. Different paths to travel - and your destinations will be different too.

So there is NO sense in telling yourself that they had it easier, they got there faster.. they just did it differently. All that matters on your journey - is that you are comfortable and doing your best, and at least enjoying yourself for a good chunk of the time.

If you are making improvements, and working hard to do so - that's really all that matters.

Sorting out your life is boring. Saving money can be boring - but also kinda exciting as you watch it grow.

A large portion of society has absolutely NO savings. None at all. Someone said to me yesterday that they can't afford to save.

That's rubbish. Okay, maybe you can't afford to save £800 a month. But you can save a fiver. or the left over pennies in your wallet each week. Start SOMEWHERE.

Let go of the voice of your inner child.. worrying about what everyone else has got, done or is doing.

You are not everyone else. You can do this your way. Where would you start?


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