Motivation doesn't have to be hard

If saving makes you dread checking your bank balance, or get moody over making a purchase - you might be headed towards feeling like there's just no point.

When you feel like giving up - it can be a real mood killer, and easy to lose motivation for saving money - if you feel like you're having one of those days.. weeks.. or months - Try some of the following ideas to ensure a temporary slump doesn't turn into a permanent problem.

Sit down, and make a list of things to save for, reasons why you are saving, grab a pen and paper, and pin the list somewhere you are going to see it regularly - to give yourself a boost. (I keep mine on the kitchen cupboard door)

Head onto pinterest, or cut out pictures to create a moodboard of motivation!

It could include reasons why you are saving, things you are saving for, how you will feel when you reach those goals.

Set some smaller milestones as well as bigger END goals.

Plan some kind of mini celebration or treat for yourself when you hit each of those goals.

My goals range from  saving £100 repeatedly, clearing my credit cards, paying off my car.. to saving for and buying a house.

What goals would you set?


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