Indoor Date - With a Twist..

What can you possibly do indoors that you haven't already done by now? 😏

Well - what about a games night tailored to having old fashioned fun.. doing something simple. 

We recently acquired a wii to replace my old one that had broken. My friend no longer wanted theirs, and very kindly gave it to me! (But you can grab a cheap one on amazon now for under £40 with the sports games! Like this one )

And arranged an entire evening just the two of us, after a simple dinner playing the most simple games against each other. 

It was THE most fun I'd had in ages. (Even if I do suck at virtual air hockey)

It was easy, it didn't require HEAPS of effort. And - it didn't cost a penny!

What would you play? 

Board games? Computer games? Cards? 

I'd love to hear from you if you've got suggestions, or if you give this a go! 

Until Next time.. Get Your Thrift On! 

Disclaimer - Links within text are affiliate links, I may earn a small commission. Thankyou. 


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