Refesh A La Toilette.. AKA - Downstairs Loo Update!

My downstairs bathroom was looking a little tired. 

It still had two white walls from when I moved in 3 years ago, and with little people around, white does not stay white. 

I had some pictures on the sticky hanging strips (they weren't very good ones) that had fallen off and left marks behind. 

After feeling a little out of sorts a couple of weeks ago, I decided to cheer myself up by giving this tiny, bu frequently visited room a little bit of a facelift. 

Here is my before:

And here is the after:

  • I used white paint that I already had in the shed to go over the white walls
  • Printed off some extra pictures to go on the wall (I already had photo paper and printer ink!)
  • Ordered Better hanging strips - some of these: 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips – Removable Hanging Strips for Large Picture Frames – Value Pack - 4 Pairs (Medium), 8 Pairs (Large)  (I got the large ones just incase - probably a bit overkill!)
  • Repainted the skirting boards and pipe boxing too. (and then also did the door frame..I've opened a wormhole here.. now I need to carry on round the house! oops!) 
  • I touched up the green wall (which is in this paint colour - Dulux Feature Wall in Proud Peacock - the closest I could find online was Teal Tension)
  • Gave everything a good scrub 

And Voila! I am done. Feels miles better. :) 

It's not the Ritz, it's the downstairs loo that the kids run straight into after school, bit it's clesn and fresh and a little bit fun.

It might even be my favourite room in the house. I'm not sure yet. But it feels fresh and clean, and cost me under a tenner to do the whole thing! 

What's your favourite room? 
Tag me in your thrifty makeovers with #thriftilykitsch 😊


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