About Me

Who Is This Blog For?
Thriftily kitsch is for those of you trying to save money

Losing hope of ever managing to be financially stable

Somewhere to keep yourself on track, download useful tools, cheap recipes, meals on a budget, diy ideas for making over second hand furniture

A way of feeling less alone.

Someone to ask questions on single parenting (I've done it!)

Solo-'mumpreneurs' and entrepreneurs, side-hustles and studying all with kids on the go.

If you like things a little bit different, consider yourself slightly unique, maybe your're a maverick, or a misfit - I'm probably your gal.

It's easy for people to ask why you haven't achieved xyz yet, how comes you're STILL renting?? (Because it's not the 1960s and my wages dont cover the bills let alone a house deposit?!)

But without planning to get there - we never will. So, regardless of anything else, this is about dealing with the reality of life in the modern world, find a way to live well within our means - whatever they may be, and saving for a better future. For us, for our kids.. for the dog. 

Whatever your reason. Maybe you just like to watch your savings grow! 

Who Am I?
Previously hurtling toward 30, now actually 30 (where did all the time go?!)
Mother of 2.
Gin fiend.
Passionate about teaching my kids to look after themselves.
Avid money saver on a mission to scrape together a deposit for a house this year (2020)
I lindy hop, charleston and jive when I get the chance. Less often than I'd like these days.
Blogging about saving money, housework, cooking, kids, and anything in-between.
The mouth of a sailor at times, and a posh phone voice to balance it all out.

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